Tulum housing market expectations are starting to heat up!


The latest  House Price Report shows that the annual inflation in Tulum list prices rose to 12.3% in early 2016, compared to a rise of just 2.6% 12 months previously. The new home sales are also accelerating 35% in the second quarter of the year.

Odds are you know Tulum, or it is on your travel bucket list (and you can’t wait to visit it), or at least you know its location on the world map and its growing popularity, specially for being one of the hottest celebrity holiday destinations which proactively pitching the spot to the media. Tulum also has been named the #1 Destination on the Rise in the world and the #21 of the Top 25 Beaches in the World by TripAdvisor.

To be an expert archaeologist isn’t necessary to understand why the ancient Mayans established one of the finest cities of their kingdom where we now know as Tulum archaeological site by the seaFollowing the tradition and the good Mayan taste, the new domestic and foreign visitors demand a piece of this magical town.

Tulum, new spaces and experiences

The great longings to experience permanently this gift of nature find fulfillment in “Buying my home in Tulum”. Home developers have found the perfect niche to manifest their best designs, technologies and resources in communion with the jungle.

“The longings-new homes” relationship is taking off, demand for new homes has increased 85% in the last nine months, Real Estate specialists expect that prices will increase at least 29% in the next two years.

Based on my own personal experience, I saw the same process in Playa del Carmen ten years ago, and this is the beginning of a new property cycle, the opportunity to buy before the boom. This is a good time to make a great investment or consolidate your portfolio, if you feel motivated after reading the information and you’d like to know more, I’m here to help you, please feel free to contact me anytime.



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