Pros & Cons of living in Playa del Carmen

Living in Playa
In this email, I would like to tell you about Playa del Carmen and the advantages and disadvantages of living in a tourist destination.


Playa del Carmen is the heart of the Riviera Maya, was once a fishing village known as Xaman Há; nowadays it is a cosmopolitan beach town with a wide gastronomic offer and variety in lodging and entertainment options.


Playa del Carmen has a large number of Expat communities including:
  • Digital Nomads
  • Poker Players
  • Retired Folks
Let’s check out the Pros of living in Playa del Carmen

  • You will find The 5th Avenue which is full of stores, street stores, restaurants, and nightlife.
  • Public access to the beach.
  • Internet wifi, which is solid and fast.
  • If you live downtown you could arrive at the beach by a short walk
  • There is no need to have a car to move around the city as it is super easy to move around by bike or walk
  • All is close by, restaurants, supermarkets, and shopping centers
  • Local and Multicultural atmosphere
  • You will find the best yoga and diving instructors multiple activities to do such as Golf, Parasailing, Paddleboarding, Skydiving, etc
  • Nearby you will find different kinds of cenotes worth visiting
As we all know not all is perfect, the Cons of living in this city area:
  • As in most cities, downtown could get a little bit noisy
  • If you are looking to live near the beach and downtown, you will find only condo apartments.
  • If you are looking to own a house you will need a car, as properties “house type” are not located downtown nor near the beach by walk.
    You could find very good options, however, you need to be careful of the different neighborhoods in the city.

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