How can I buy a residential property in México as a foreigner?

In this post I will explain the legal  process to follow so that a foreigner can buy a residential  property in the Riviera Maya. 

The process to adquisite a Residential  Property in Mexico is as follow:

A person of any nationality can legally buy real estate in México through a Real Estate Bank Trust (called fideicomiso in México) it’s the safest and only legal way to hold title of residential property in México.
In order to buy a residential property in México as a foreigner is mandatory to set up a Real Estate Bank Trust. 
The Real Estate Bank Trust also known in Spanish as “Fideicomiso”, is a trust agreement that you establish with a Mexican bank in order to hold title to a property (both you and the bank are named in the title documents) (works similar to a Family Trust or Living Trust entities known in USA, Canada or Europe). This trust deed assures foreign property buyers of all the rights and privileges of ownership.
Some advantages of the Bank Trust:
  • Allows the property owner to hold the property in perpetuity.
  • You can enjoy, use, rent out, improve upon the property, expand, build and sell the Mexico Real Estate and reap 100% of the profit.
  • It´s written on the Mexican constitution that the bank trust is a 50-year trust agreement that is renewable every 50 years by you or your heirs by simple request. The renewal procedure is an automatic administrative task.
  • The Bank Trust can be held by one or more individuals of foreign citizenship.
  • You can transfer your rights in the bank trust to another foreign buyer.


  • Your property cannot be taken from you for any reason as long as you use it for residential purposes, and you can treat the property as if you held the title yourself.
  • The bank trust will act as a safeguard for your property ownership. Renting out your property and generate profit is 100% authorized and you are very welcome to do it.
Stay tuned in the next post I will explain how does it work the closing process, the documents you will need among other important information about this topic.
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  1. Thank you much for the information as a foreigner one is always in doubt about another country’s rules and regulations. This clarifies questions in mind.

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